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94 Years of Women’s Suffrage


This year marks the 94th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in the United States. While 94 years seems like a very long time indeed, it represents less than half of the history of the country. For our nation’s first 144 years, women were largely denied the vote, and in factit was only white, male, property owners who had the privilege of casting ballots for candidates of their choice in most parts of the country. The Voting Rights Act, that in practical terms extended the right to vote to black people in the South, became law in 1964. 

Celebrating Women Who Move America Forward


As we end February’s celebration of African-American achievement, we begin March and celebrate the achievements of American women.

Former Boston Fed CEO Keynotes YW Academy


Cathy Minehan Delivers Keynote Speeches at Women’s Leadership Events


Women’s Empowerment and Racial Justice – What’s the Link?

Sylvia Ferrell-Jones

The mission of YWCA Boston is boldly stated:  eliminating racism, empowering women.   Many ask about the connection between these two goals.  It’s simple.  YWCA’s foremothers realized that they could not empower ­all women as long as racism exists.

YWomen's Advocacy Alert: Help YWCA Ratify CEDAW


Time and time again President Obama has declared his support for women worldwide and announced that the ratification of the CEDAW – the Women’s Rights Treaty – was an important priority.  Now we need him to show leadership in advancing women and girls’ rights around the world. 

It's Not A "Happy Mother's Day" Everywhere


Here's a chance to help U.S. Senators do more than give flowers this Mother's Day. Ask them to support women's rights worldwide!

The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) is a human rights treaty that addresses physical, sexual, economic, and political abuses against women and promotes women's equality of rights and well-being. It is regarded as the most important international mechanism for women's equality, as it holds that basic human rights for women should be universal across cultures and religions.

Honor Thy Mother

How are we shaped by the women - grandmothers, mothers, aunts - who raised us? Did a woman who cared for you instill in you a sense of possibility and hope for the future? Did she make sacrifices in her own life to help you succeed in yours? Did she hope that you would tend to the needs of the next generation as she did?

At Mother's Day, please consider honoring one or more of the special women in your life who worked to make your world brighter by supporting YWCA Boston's generations-long pursuit of peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

Join Us Today in Telling Congress: Women Are A Priority


Today is  YWCA USA Capitol Hill Day and YWCA advocates from Boston and across the country are in Washington to speak up for women and families. Please join us today as we tell Congress: Make Women and their Families a Priority! 

In Memoriam: Godmother of the Women's Movement

Farewell, Dr. Dorothy Height
"godmother of the women's movement"
YWCA leader
March 24, 1912-April 20, 2010

Dorothy Irene Height, long-time civil rights activist, chair and president emerita of the National Council of Negro Women, and prominent figure in YWCA leadership for decades, died of natural causes at 3:41 a.m., Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at Howard University Hospital, nearly a month after her 98th birthday.

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