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These are the news stories we don’t often hear about. These are the stories of racial, gender, and social inequities in our society.

But these are also stories of social cohesion, awareness, and action. If you have an article you think relates to this collection, please submit it to blog@ywboston.org.

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The New York Times: Has "Caucasian" Lost Its Meaning?


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Economics Reporter Shaila Dewan explores the use of the word "Caucasian" as a "term of last resort for people who are really uncomfortable talking about race."

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Boston Public Radio: Unorthodox Ways To Stem Crime


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Boston Public Radio discusses crime with David Kennedy. 

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THE PORTLAND MERCURY: Police Actually Acknowledge Racism



Denis C. Theriault writes an honest and optimistic article in light of the recent admission of the Portland PD that it they are guilty of racial profiling.

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Boston.com: 'Mad Men' sexism in Boston


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Joan Vennochi reports on recent events that reflect old-school sexism.


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Boston.com: Stop Pretending Racism Is Over


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Kenny Wiley describes a surprising encounter he had while running to catch a bus one night in Harvard Square.

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CBS NEWS: Chemicals ... may increase risk of diabetes in women


women's health




Ryan Jaslow reviews a recent study conducted at Brigham & Women's hospital testing the correlation between diabetes in women and the use of certain personal care products.

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BOSTON.COM: Racism Dead; Hub Woman Rejoices


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Francie Latour writes a biting rebuttle to Jeff Jacoby's piece, "Stain of Raicsm Is Finally Fading in America"

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THE DAILY BEAST: Invisible Women


 daily beast

 Rachel Sklar responds to Newsweek's Digital Power Index's lack of women.




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csmlogo 179x46 Stacy Teicher Khadaroo writes on the impact of Title IX in young women's lives as the civil rights law turns 40 this week.

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THE EXAMINER: Racial disparities push schools to overhaul approach to discipline


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Amy Crawford of the San Fransisco Examiner reports on racial inequality in local school systems.

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