Youth / Police Dialogues

For more information contact Efrain Arias at    617-585-5421 or you can email him

YWCA Boston's Youth/Police Dialogues bring together youth and police officers to curb conflict and increase trust and cooperation in neighborhoods of Boston most affected by violence and crime.

Youth/Police Dialogues bring together racially and ethnically diverse groups of 15-20 youth and 6-8 police officers for 4 sessions conducted by professional facilitators. A lack of meaningful communication between youth and police is a serious public safety concern. We seek to improve these relationship by helping participants break down stereotypes and communication barriers and build mutual respect and understanding.

After completion of the dialogue, youth and police develop and implement a community action project that engages neighbors and improves community relations. This opportunity for civic engagement further develops trust between youth and police, gives youth leadership experience and serves the broader needs of the community.


YWCA Boston is now accepting applications for volunteer facilitators. Please click here for more information.